Developmental Assessments

Within thirty days of enrollment into the program each child receives a developmental screening. The assessment used is the Learning Accomplishment Profile Diagnostic or LAP-D. The assessment tool is comprehensive and covers Fine Motor, Gross Motor, Language, Cognitive, Self Help, and Personal/Social skills. This assessment is the first step in planning for a child’s journey through the Head Start program.  After enrollment and classes begin, information gained from the LAP-D as well as observational data is used to make lesson plans that fit the needs of every child in the classroom. The LAP-D and other screenings are performed with each child every three months to determine their growth and identify any areas of concern.

head start kidsHealth & Safety Assessments

Each child is assessed for health needs and receives a FREE thorough medical and dental examination and any necessary treatment. FREE Speech, hearing, visual and other health screenings are also provided to all children enrolled in Head Start.  Screenings are performed within the first 45 days after entry into the program.

Mental Health and Disabilities Assessments

The Head Start mission is to provide an inclusive learning environment for all children enrolled in our program.  A Mental Health observation of all Head Start classrooms is completed on a regular basis to ensure that a healthy learning environment is being provided for all students.  Our certified Mental Health and Disabilities Specialist works with our families to assist with any possible learning concerns.  The staff and families work as a team to determine if the child needs additional support services.  Typical services include speech and language services or behavioral approaches.  We also have a new partnership with Red Rock Behavioral Health Services who can assist with trauma-related issues.

If identified as needing additional services, students will be placed on an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) with parent consent and participation.  If the student remains on an IEP upon graduating from our Head Start Program, the IEP will be provided to the parents to take with them to ensure the continuity of services once enrolled in the public school system.

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