Developmental Assessments

During orientation and enrollment each child receives a developmental screening. This screening is the first step in planning for the Student Education Plan (SEP). After enrollment and classes begin, developmental assessments are completed on each child every three months to determine their strengths and weaknesses. Classroom activities and Student Education Plans are formulated from this assessment and ongoing observation.

head start kidsHealth & Safety Assessments

Each child is assessed for health needs and receives a thorough medical and dental examination followed by treatment when necessary. Speech, hearing, visual and other health screenings are also provided.

Mental Health and Disabilities Assessments

A certified professional provides every child with an individualized Mental Health observation. Classroom observation provides assurance of a healthy environment for the Head Start child. Through working together with students, their families and third-party support, such as speech therapists and various public school systems, we continue to address their needs in regards to mental health and disabilities, such as autism, cerebral palsy, and behavioral modification. The Head Start mission is to provide an inclusive atmosphere for all children with disabilities, including severe disabilities. The program is required to make at least 10% of its enrollment available to children with disabilities.

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