Parent Involvement

Research has shown that the more a child’s family is involved in their education the better the child will do, both in school and beyond. At Head Start, families are an integral component of the learning and growth that their child will have while they are with us.  We strive to not only prepare children for the next level but also the whole family.  There are a number of ways that families are involved in the Head Start program!

young man and boyFamily Partnerships

Our highly trained Family Advocates are a valuable partner in your corner.  They will work with you to set up a Family Partnership Agreement, which identifies strengths, sets goals for the whole family and identifies what other supports you might need.  We will work without you throughout your family’s time with us to help you reach your goals!

Parent Committees & Policy Council

Head Start families help determine how the program operates at both the site and program level by serving on center committees and on the Policy Council.  In a center committee, family members of the Head Start children enrolled at the center determine how they can help the center and classrooms. A representative from each center is voted to represent them as part of the Policy Council. The Policy Council discusses and reviews information relevant to the overall program operations. Additionally, family members are also welcomed and encouraged to participate directly as volunteers in the center and special events such as field trips.

Parent/Teacher Visits

Consistent and ongoing communication between the family and Head Staff is a vital part of the development of Head Start children. Additionally, monthly meetings at the center are performed wherein the family is briefed on their child’s development and activities are sent home that reflect the needs of their child. Twice a year Home/Center Conferences are done in which both the family and Head Start staff review the child’s progress in-depth.

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